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Diomede Documentary
A Documentary about an Indigenous Community in Rural Alaska, On the Front Lines of Climate Change
Jackson Casimiro
"Lunation" and "Jackson" are basically the same thing. He founded Lunation Lab and produces all projects, while working as a cinematographer.
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Boardwalk Cruiser Deck

Well, we considered making a “Lunation Cruiser” using this deck. We still might, but for now, that’s all you really need to know about how we feel about it. It uses incredibly sustainable bamboo to make a skateboard deck that’s lighter and stronger than traditional maple. Out of all their decks, we chose this for its classic shape and smaller size. The Huntington Beach company plants a tree with every sale. (Psst, use our coupon code for $10 off: F0Z82A8K7H1U.)

Special Materials: Bamboo
Values: Donations
Design: Modular

Space Pen

The Space Pen is a classic American design born out of the space race. They’re extraordinarily resilient, being able to write in extreme temperatures, underwater, upside down (and in zero-gravity). Our favorite style is the bullet, which is available in a ton of finishes with modules like pocket clips. Refills and repairs are readily-available to keep your investment in use. We’ve had one in commission for ~15 years with no hiccups.

Sunski Sunglasses

Sunski makes sustainable glasses that don’t compromise on price, longevity, or style. We love their very California aesthetic, with models that would fit Joshua Tree, Laguna Beach, or Haight+Ashbury. The frames are made of a recycled resin, with a lifetime warranty. They sell affordable lens replacements, so scratches will never ruin your whole pair.

Special Materials: Recycled Materials


The SAXBORGA is a clever little organizer system from IKEA. It’s made up of four nesting parts that can arranged in different ways. It includes a glass mirror that can be propped up in the base. It’s lid is made of ultra-sustainable cork and everything else is a wood-plastic composite. It’s even compatible with a few other IKEA SAXBORGA products, like little glass jars and cork trays.

Special Materials: Cork

Accessory Bags

Topo Designs makes these simple zippered bags that work as a great way to stay organized. They use big YKK zippers, and all feature a little paracord loop that makes them easy to hang up. They come in three sizes, and a great array of color ways and designs. We’ve been using their smallest size as a wallet replacement. They also now make a canvas version that will be better for the environment than the nylon alternative.

Apple Box

Apple boxes are a staple of film making that we believe have tons of uses in the home. They’re a simple, infinitely useful wooden box, with each face offering a different height platform. Super sturdy, with a handle on each end. They can work as a step stool, sitting stool, standing desk platform. They can be stacked into a side table and much more. Often made out of untreated birch, they’re easy to stain, paint, or modify.