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A Documentary about an Indigenous Community in Rural Alaska, On the Front Lines of Climate Change
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Lunation Index

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Stasher Bag

This is a truly unbelievable product. On the surface, this just seems like a reusable alternative to plastic food storage bags. But because it’s made from sustainable, non-toxic, heat-resistant silicone, it’s good for so much more. Dishwasher safe. Microwaveable. Freezer-ready. Even though they don’t cost much, they’ll only get cheaper the more they replace plastic bags you would have bought. And maybe get around to trying sous vide.

Special Materials: Silicone

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Lunation Design

"Lunation" means the period of time from one new moon to the next. We found that to be a beautiful idea. The moon's life is cyclical, constantly renewing itself in orbit around Earth. We think that way about design.