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to experiment in sustainable and accessible design


to thoughtfully craft something considering aesthetics, utility, and emotion.


to produce things that leave no footprint on the earth. we want to be carbon-neutral and design products for end-of-life.


we’re committed to making affordable products and open-source projects that can reach and represent everyone.


we aren’t afraid to try new and bold ideas, accepting failures, and sharing our findings with others.

Postscript is our in-house full-service production company working in video, photo, and graphic design. In addition to commercial clients, they’re closely tied to Lunation, making media assets for all our projects.

Diomede is a documentary project exploring life in one of the most isolated communities in the nation, the island of Little Diomede. It’ll be incorporated as a non-profit, but ran through Postscript Media. Over the next few years we hope to produce a web series and a feature film.

We’re launching a system of modular straps under the name Azore Co. The t1, our first product, will be able to thread through almost anything you want to carry. Add our ecosystem of modules to carry everything else.

brass bullet

This new company is being co-founded with Brian Smail III, centered around developing narrative films. The first of which is Checks and Balance, a coming of age mafia satire, set in a New England prep school.

upcycle kits

we designed a system of iron-on vinyl to add to clothing, complete with our own tool-kits, tutorial, and designs. the project is currently dormant.

two eyes of gold

A solo music project from Conner Kupferberg, acoustic and intimate.

fair july

A pop-rock band featuring musicians Justin Deninger and Josh Cahill.


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