Rethink the Ideal EDC Wallet

In the past 10 years or so, many companies sprung up to take advantage of a mass migration to slim wallets. If you’re looking to dump an old school, bulky leather wallet, there are tons of options that will promise the slimmest and the sleekest replacement. Some have a system that fans out your credit cards. Some have a built-in money clip. We made this video to proposition an alternative to the whole formula. Ditch the bulky wallet. Ditch the slim wallet. There’s nothing that’ll offer the functionality of this little zippered bag from Topo Designs.

Accessory Bags

Topo Designs makes these simple zippered bags that work as a great way to stay organized. They use big YKK zippers, and all feature a little paracord loop that makes them easy to hang up. They come in three sizes, and a great array of color ways and designs. We’ve been using their smallest size as a wallet replacement. They also now make a canvas version that will be better for the environment than the nylon alternative.

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