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Postscript is our in-house full-service production company working in video, photo, and graphic design. In addition to commercial clients, they’re closely tied to Lunation, making media assets for all our projects.

Diomede is a documentary project exploring life in one of the most isolated communities in the nation, the island of Little Diomede. It’ll be incorporated as a non-profit, but ran through Postscript Media. Over the next few years we hope to produce a web series and a feature film.

checks and balance

We’re currently in the pitching process of a feature film titled Checks and Balance, a mafia satire set in a New England prep school. We finished production on a proof of concept short film in early 2020.

upcycle kits

we designed a system of iron-on vinyl to add to clothing, complete with our own tool-kits, tutorial, and designs. the project is currently dormant.

two eyes of gold

A solo music project from Conner Kupferberg, acoustic and intimate.

fair july

A pop-rock band featuring musicians Justin Deninger and Josh Cahill.