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7-in-1 Backpack
A Slick Tech-Inspired Video Set in a Stylish Urban Setting and Snowy Wilderness


Director / Editor
Jackson Casimiro

Logan A. Williams

Louie Seguin

Olivia Twiford

We created this campaign video and related photography for a company named I-Future. They were launching this unique modular backpack with different modules that could be added or subtracted from the overall bag.

It was a very challenging task to cover all the modules in a way that didn’t feel rushed in the video’s short runtime. Designing a narrative for both our characters helped cover those features in a way that was easy to follow. One character was a professional in an urban environment, picking up groceries, going to work, packing for a business trip. The other was an adventurous hiker, walking her dog through the woods, charging her phone with the solar battery module, using the high-visibility module while near a road. Animations pointed out all these features, like little sign posts to follow the important selling points.

We shot a series of all the modules set up nicely in a studio. Closeups from that series provided a baseline of all the modules we could cut to throughout. And of course we had a beautiful hero shot the video could open on.

Because of the complexity of this product, we knew we’d need a lot of coverage out of our two day shoot. We chose the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro as our camera because of its ENG-style features. It’s not important what that means, only to say the camera itself provided many features designed for the high-coverage environments of broadcast news, with long-battery life, good data rates and redundancy, and more. No doubt it let us work more quickly.

We almost always recommend shooting photography alongside video. It costs comparatively very little to add a photographer to the crew when you’re already deeply invested in models, lighting, art direction. In this case that worked out particularly well, since we put so much care into the location selection, wardrobe, and actions.

And we threw a dog in there. A very good girl named Mika.