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Customer Boardroom
Complex User Interface Design, and An Animated Video to Market It


Designer / Animator
Jackson Casimiro

I designed the user interface for this software, “Customer Boardroom,” an online platform for conducting market research. It was a very complicated project to bring a sense of harmony to the app’s extensive capabilities. I designed the platform in Adobe Xd, utilizing its features like interactive prototypes and development handoff. I worked closely with their development team to implement this design and conduct beta tests.
I used a truely, actually mobile-first design based around cards. On desktop, they would be centered, with contextual information displayed alongside them, like the location of respondents in the survey. On the right, dot navigation helped speed up the vertical scrolling and display your progress in the survey. The sidebar, also made up of cards, would just hide behind a hamburger menu on mobile. There are tons of other clever designs meant to make the user experience clear and intuitive.
For the launch, I created the animation you can see above, with voiceover, music, and camera work in the 3D space. It was made in After Effects, with all the user interface directly imported from Adobe Xd.