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Shelter Animal Stories
These Three Matching Pieces Profiled Success Stories of Shelter Animals


Director / Editor
Jensen Vinca

Jackson Casimiro
Melissa Bindi

Martin Taube

Cuddly is an organization that raises funds to help rescue animals in need. This project was part of a campaign highlighting success stories from their partner, The Little Angels Project. We produced three pieces, each showcasing an animal in recovery. An interview with a staff member created the narrative, while motion graphics explained Cuddly’s involvement, especially at the end when we pull back to reveal their website. We felt the pieces resonate because we foregrounded the animals’ story. On social, we’d have more opportunities to connect with a potential donor, conveying more information throughout the sales funnel. An informative piece detailing the Cuddly platform wouldn’t have been grounded in the emotional appeal required to solicit donations.