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LUNATION LAB is a design studio based in Los Angeles. Our goal was to create a laboratory to experiment in new media, products, and culture, all with high values for environmentalism and social advocacy.

While we explore many domains, good design is at the heart of everything we do. We want to make useful, sustainable products. We want to hold events that transport you. We want to make content that captivates and inspires action.

We chose this lunar imagery because we investigate the frontier. The moon represents that new territory, just out of reach. To get there takes collaboration, technology, and a sense of adventure.

Vinyl Kits

We make vinyl designs that easily iron on to clothing. The goal is to help you revitalize old clothes, without the environmental or financial cost of buying something new.

Every order comes with a tool kit. All you need is your own iron and clothes. Click below to browse designs and learn more about the process.

The Tether

Our holster design, with an adjustable cam buckle, is made to quickly thread through almost anything. Easily carry your water bottle, jacket, or keys, without needing a whole bag. Extend its functionality further with our modules.

Featured products


Postscript is a full-service production company working in video, photo, and graphic design.


Diomede is a documentary project exploring life in one of the most isolated communities in the nation, the island of Little Diomede.



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By Fair July


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