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Adventure Journal

Pocket Notebooks

These are my perfect pocket notebooks, filled dot-grids tuned to just the right opacity to keep me organized, but not distracted. They’re just the right size to fit in a back pocket, with the ability to fold them around to focus on a single page. They meet all my expectations for a sustainable paper product, and plant a tree with every sale, making them carbon-positive.

Values:Donations / Made in America
Certifications:1% for the Planet / Carbon Neutral Certified

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Bamboo Skateboards

Boardwalk Cruiser Deck

Well, we considered making a “Lunation Cruiser” using this deck. We still might, but for now, that’s all you really need to know about how we feel about it. It uses incredibly sustainable bamboo to make a skateboard deck that’s lighter and stronger than traditional maple. Out of all their decks, we chose this for its classic shape and smaller size. The Huntington Beach company plants a tree with every sale. (Psst, use our coupon code for $10 off: F0Z82A8K7H1U.)


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One Eleven

Field Watch

The Field Watch from One Eleven is our call for the best sustainable EDC watch. It’s solar-powered, eliminating battery waste or charging hassle. It’s made from super sustainable materials, with a recycled metal body, bioplastic ring, and recycled water bottle woven band.

Values:Sustainable Packaging
Certifications:1% for the Planet

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Free P4

The P4 is the top dog in Leatherman’s FREE collection of multi-tools. Their decades of design experience shine through, delivering an incredibly refined package that’s a joy to use. Its 21 tools are accessible with one hand from the outside, using a locking hinge assisted by magnets. An included pocket clip, lanyard loop, and sheath make it easy to carry every day. It has replaceable wire cutter blades for quick repairs, and a simple construction that’s easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Values:Donations / Long Warranty / Made in America / Repair Program

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Sunski Glasses

Sunski makes sustainable glasses that don’t compromise on price, longevity, or style. We love their very California aesthetic, with models that would fit Joshua Tree, Laguna Beach, or Haight+Ashbury. The frames are made of a recycled resin, with a lifetime warranty. They sell affordable lens replacements, so scratches will never ruin your whole pair.

Values:Long Warranty / Repair Program / Sustainable Packaging
Certifications:1% for the Planet / Carbon Neutral Certified

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Stasher Bag

This is a truly unbelievable product. On the surface, this just seems like a reusable alternative to plastic food storage bags. But because it’s made from sustainable, non-toxic, heat-resistant silicone, it’s good for so much more. Dishwasher safe. Microwaveable. Freezer-ready. Even though they don’t cost much, they’ll only get cheaper the more they replace plastic bags you would have bought. And maybe get around to trying sous vide.

Values:End-of-Life Program / Sustainable Packaging / Women-Owned Business
Certifications:1% for the Planet

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Miir Camp Cup

This camp mug is a vital tool to make that morning coffee pot stretch through the day. It’s vacuum insulated, with a powered coated, textured finish. I usually regulate my coffee’s temp by adding and removing the lid, which means your drinking window is greatly expanded beyond a normal mug. While it’s not great for commuting, I prefer the traditional mug to a thermos when I’m at home, making this my daily driver.

Values:Donations / Long Warranty
Certifications:1% for the Planet / B-Corporation / Carbon Neutral Certified

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