Floyd Furniture is Simple & Eco-Friendly

In our recent Design Annotated, Jackson broke down every product made by Floyd, a home goods company that makes approachable, simple furniture. The video goes in depth on everything, but we’ll call out a few favorites here.

Floyd made a brilliant partnership with AirBnB hosts to include their furniture in beautiful listings. It gives potential customers the opportunity to rent and live with Floyd’s furniture before buying. It’s called Stay Floyd. On their site you can browse these listings and get the AirBnB links.

Below we’ve profiled a few favorite products that are included in our Lunation Index.


Floyd Shelf

The Floyd Shelf is a simple system of interlocking shelves available with different heights and configurations. In case you need to expand its size down the road, you can purchase add-on modules that won’t just look like you set another shelf next to it. It has a wardrobe combination with a coat rack. It’s made mostly of powder-coated steel and Birch plywood.

Design: Modular

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