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It starts with our criteria for endorsement

Aesthetics relate to the total sensory experience of an item, meaning it should feel as good as it looks. We have a specific aesthetic inspired by utility and minimalism.
If it breaks, it takes more resources and money to buy another. We avoid easily breakable materials like glass. Our scientific test says you should be able drop something without panicking.
Nothing decorative. We love art, but everything here serves a specific, useful purpose.
We look for certifications that products are manufactured responsibly, while promoting diversity and fair wages in our own practices.
Looming over everything, sustainability is a must. It's not as simple as a few certifications, but relates the entire life cycle of a product.
THIS IS A BIG ONE. No batteries. No electricity. Tech products have a more complicated supply chain, with conflict materials and e-waste. It opens questions of data security, server support, There's something more elegant about analog technology.
Even though price is super subjective, we strive hard to keep our collection affordable to be accessible for the average person.
No food, cleaning, or personal products that get used up. While there are many marketplaces for those items, we're focused on hard products designed to last.
Hey other websites, stop trying to convince us there are ethical animal products. Just cut it out, along with their tremendous carbon footprint.
We put in the work to curate the best possible products in their category. You won't find two water bottle options here; only the best.

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Then you filter to your preference

Just because it's not on Amazon doesn't mean you'll have to pay for shipping.
Identify sustainability champions like cork and bamboo. Try out bioplastics, recycled materials, or compositing.
We love products that have little attachments and accessories. It means you can customize things to your preference.
If you're the kind of person to take advantage of an end-of-life program, it's a great way to recycle your product smartly, and often get a discount on a replacement.
Repairs, often under warranty, are far more efficient than replacements. Many companies even have parts available for self-repairs.
Not because of the trade war, or anything. Made in America is short-hand for a higher standard of labor regulations, while reducing the footprint of shipping in a global supply chain.
Supporting businesses that help right the inequities in the market.

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Editor's Note on every product page.

Editor's Note

This camp mug is a vital tool to make that morning coffee pot stretch through the day. It’s vacuum insulated, with a powered coated, textured finish. I usually regulate my coffee’s temp by adding and removing the lid, which means your drinking window is greatly expanded beyond a normal mug. While it’s not great for commuting, I prefer the traditional mug to a thermos when I’m at home, making this my daily driver.