In one of the most isolated communities in the nation, seventy Native Alaskans face the social and existential struggles of life in a rapidly changing climate. This is the island of Little Diomede.

About the Subject

Diomede is populated by about 70 indigenous Alaskans, some of the hardiest individuals on Earth. There’s a wealth of history and stories to be told about this village, but its future is being threatened. As climate change continues to disrupt the Bering Strait ecosystem, margins of survival for these subsistence hunters are growing thinner. We’ve set out to explore how this community perseveres through immense change, despite the social and cultural consequences.

About the Project

In a culture held tight by stories, Diomede has a lot of things to say. Our project seeks to document and share this history, while confronting the challenges that lie ahead. The project will be ongoing, encapsulating a variety of formats. We’re in post-production on a short film and web-series using footage from our first trip. We’re currently seeking funding for a feature film, aiming to travel back to Alaska in 2021.


At every opportunity during our project we’ll find places to give back, buying carbon offsets for all our travel, donating proceeds to relevant non-profits, and supporting the community at the center of it all. We’re a member of 1% of the Planet, meaning 1% of all our revenue goes towards environmental causes. Finally, we aim to work closely with the tribe and indigenous community, including native advisers and producers at every stage of production to ensure our approach is accurate and supportive.

Connor Smyers


Connor is an expressive director and prolific cinematographer. He fell in love with documentaries as a method of advocacy, using film to give people a voice and tell stories before they’re over. Since our first trip he’s worked to deepen his relationships with the Diomeders, building trust with our key subjects. As a veteran behind the camera, he’s serving as our Director of Photography on our tiny crew.

Jackson Casimiro


Jackson founded and runs Lunation Lab, the production company representing Diomede. He brings a lifetime of experience in the outdoors, meaning he can produce for the challenges of shooting in a hostile climate. On our trips, he’s working as our photographer and producer. As EP, he’ll guide the film towards mass appeal, ensuring its message reaches as many people as possible.