Modular Furniture You Can Actually Buy

When product collections are available with interoperable, interchangeable components, it changes your buying experience. It starts with personalization, by buying only the colors and configuration you want, and nothing more. Then the components should be modular in use, so you can add and remove components easily. Repairs should be easy, because you can buy a replacement for a single broken or worn out component.

And why did we title this article with “…You Can Actually Buy.” Tons of modular furniture you find online is conceptual, only available via custom order, or exorbitantly expensive. At the time of writing everything listed here is ready to purchase.

1. IKEA BESTA Collection

While it doesn’t easily transform during your ownership, the BESTA system is a great option for configuring your perfect storage solution. It has a super wide array of options of frames, doors, shelves, drawers, feet, and more, like the floating hardware pictured below. They also recommend other IKEA products outside the collection that would fit well, like this selection of handles. There are doors with frosted glass if you’re looking to display your contents.

I opted for this configuration, and I may pick up a few of these perfectly fitting boxes to organize a few messy shelves. Word of advice, if you’re looking for something more premium, the glossy doors in person look much more high end.

2. Floyd Modular Table Legs

Floyd’s table legs are a handy fix for throwing together a coffee table on a budget. Just bring your own slab, and these will handle the rest. Source your slab from your last coffee table, Craigslist, lumber yard. Other quirky ideas include rustic doors, really flat rocks, a 65″ TV. The best part is that when your surface is “too old for this shit” and retires, just unclamp it and steal some fresh marble.

They do have a set designed for taller tables, but I’m not so sure about the strap support system.

3. Floyd Modular Shelving System

For one more selection from Floyd, their shelving system is a simple, configurable collection. You buy an initial base that mostly affects the height. It’s fairly expensive, but you can always buy a cheaper, smaller version, and buy an add-on unit later on. I think it’s clear how we’ll be displaying products in our future retail space.

4. SKÅDIS Modular Pegboard Series

For a cheaper solution to a home pegboard, there’s IKEA’s popular SKÅDIS series. Even though it’s proprietary, there’s a huge number of modules. Unlike the more decorative dowel shelf, there’s enough options that it’s ready for legitimate storage. Some favorites are the storage bag, and paper holder.

It’s made from lacquered fiberboard, with mostly metal modules. The build quality isn’t great, but it’s priced super affordably. You certainly won’t hold back on buying modules since they’re mostly under $5/each.

5. Quadra Modular Sofa

It was hard to decide on a modular couch to include. There’s even a specific term for modular couches, “Sectional.” It was tough because there’s a ton of options, but most were only meaningfully customizable at the point of purchase, not in use. This option from Article is truly modular, with 22 total options available to purchase separately, and move around at your whim. It also has very generous sizing, and a backrest that’s outlined to look like additional modules (even though they aren’t removable).

If you’re okay spending a bit more, Article’s Solare collection has a cool option to add a Walnut storage insert, which can be placed in the middle of your configuration.

6. Modular Dowel Wooden Pegboard

Even though this pegboard is made for retail displays, it’s a great option for home shelving. For around $300, you get the board, 16 pegs, 2 long shelves, and 2 short shelves. The shelves are even contoured out for a better fit with the shelves. Hang a backpack, jacket, or air plants. Add some books or lean some picture frames.

7. Artifox Modular Desk

The Artifox desk may just be the ideal office desk. Even without adding modules, it has a number of useful features. There’s a rack at the back that comes with straps for cord control, like attaching a power strip. There’s a dock near the back of the base, where you can prop up a phone or tablet. The dock has holes for running cords, that can be held with their little felt knots. There are hooks on the legs for hanging headphones or bags.

As for modules, there’s a number of stands that secure onto the desk by screwing it in through the cord control holes. They have a tray that sits in the dock to hold things like pencils. They also sell more knots and cord control straps.

It’s available in a normal or standing height. It’s made out of solid hardwood, with a walnut or power-coated metal top. In case you love their aesthetic, they also have a modular shelf that’s partially compatible with the desk.