Look No Further for a Stylish, Sustainable Watch – One Eleven Solar Field Watch

You might have found this page because you Googled something like “sustainable watch.” I did a few weeks ago. I found tons of wooden watches. I get it. Wood seems natural, but it’s clearly not ideal. To be strong enough, the body needs to be thick, and even then it won’t have the durability and resilience of metal. That led me to find the One Eleven Field Watch, a solar-powered, sustainably sourced watch with adventure in mind.


This checks all my basics for an everyday watch. The hands and markers glow in the dark, with 24 hour time labeled. It’s rated for 10 ATM water-resistance, which means it’ll be fine in any water except serious diving. It has a hardened mineral crystal lens that shouldn’t scratch easily. The band uses velcro which should make it easy to fit most people (I hate when my wrist falls in between two holes on a band). The result is a thin, modern watch with a sophisticated appearance.

One Eleven is owned by Fossil Group, a massive watch conglomerate. I can’t find any of the red flags that typically come from a big corporation. They actually seem to have a pretty strong focus on sustainability, which you can read more about here. I wouldn’t worry about supporting this subsidiary.

At $125, it’s a great value, considering how hard it can be to find options at that price without sustainability practices. When you buy from them, you’ll get free shipping and returns, backed by a two year warranty.


This watch gets its major sustainability points from material choices. The body is made from 85% recycled stainless steel, which should be on par with your durability expectations. The strap is made from a woven PET, which is made from recycled water bottles and itself can be recycled. The black ring surrounding the lens is made from an eco-friendly plant-based plastic that contains no petroleum products.

One Eleven is also a member of 1% of the Planet, like us, which means 1% of their sales revenue goes to environmental causes. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and environmentally-friendly non-toxic inks.

Solar Power!

Most watches are made with replaceable batteries, intended to be tossed after use. Solar power eliminates that toxic battery waste and adds convenience. There’s no charging like a smart watch. There’s no purchasing and exchanging batteries. It should just work.

They claim the battery can hold six months of power when fully charged. That only matters if you store it in a dark drawer for months and don’t want to reset the time when you take it out. Otherwise, it’ll charge with natural or artificial light, never getting close to empty.

Color Options

Our call was this desert color, which has the white face and silver body. They also a gear accented and blacked out version pictured below.

VSSL Field Survival Set

For the very adventure-minded, One Eleven partnered up with VSSL. We owe you an article all about them, but in short, they have these little waterproof canisters. You can pick your canister length, then fill it with modules, little tins with gear ranging from first aid and fire starters, to dice and shot glasses. The top and bottom of the canister can include a carabiner, compass, and flashlight. You might save some money buying this set if you’re into the system, but part of the fun is configuring your VSSL from scratch.

Roaming Lost Edition

One Eleven partnered up with Roaming Lost to make this special edition box set. It adds a paracord bracelet and keyfob, the later of which is made out of the same recycled Pet as their watch bands. Roaming Lost seems pretty cool, too. They do really beautiful lifestyle photography.

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Best Clothing Staples for Ethical Father’s Day Shopping

Just to clarify, Father’s Day this year is June 21, 2020. We’re doing our part to help with that Father’s Day shopping, with our focus on sustainability and design.

What to get dad… What to get dad… Always a tough question. That’s why I usually turn to something safe. There are staples of dad-fashion that I’m sure will be pleasing to anyone. But if you’re going to check that box with a clothing staples, it should still be nice and thoughtful. That’s why we put together this list of quality clothing staples from ethical companies. In some way, they all engage in fair trade practices or meet environmental guidelines.

At the time of posting this, we have verified that everything listed can still arrive in time for Father’s Day based on our LA address.

1. Pact Essential Sweatshirt

There’s nothing like 100% organic cotton for a classic feel to a timeless design. I love a comfortable sweatshirt, and Pact’s fits the bill. Because they use organic cotton, they say they save 87.3 gallons of water on this piece. Their products are also Fair Trade Certified.

2. Topo Designs Route Shirt

Topo Designs makes clothing rooted in outdoors culture. Their designs are clean and classic, mixed with often more vibrant colorways. While they don’t use many sustainable materials, they focus on durability, warranty, and repairability. This shirt is a classic staple your pop will love. If you’re looking to add a second little treat, I’m obsessed with their Accessory Bags.

3. Everlane Air Chino Shorts

Everlane’s whole deal is ethical, affordable staples. They’re a little more formal and hip than Pact. To prove affordability, they actually list all their materials cost for every product. Even without lots of clear certifications, they have a strong commitment to sustainability. They specifically describe how here.

These shorts are a great choice for the hot months to come. This is your chance to get him a first pair of shorts that doesn’t go past the knee! If Dad is more willing to show more leg, you can find the shorter 7″ inseam here.

4. 100% Human Face Masks

Let’s get one more option from Everlane. These are actually made right here in Los Angeles. In case your Dad has been tying a shirt around his face as a mask, it’s time to use your Father’s Day shopping for an upgrade. This set from Everlane will donate 10% of sales to the ACLU. And since it’s a 3-pack, there’s room to steal one for yourself, even if you have two dads. 

5. Pact Essential Zip Hoodie

For something a little warmer, this is a classic zipping hoodie from the same company. I’ve had one from American Apparel that’s wearing thin, so I’m going to trust Pact with an upgrade for myself.