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Apple Box

Apple boxes are a staple of film making that we believe have tons of uses in the home. They’re a simple, infinitely useful wooden box, with each face offering a different height platform. Super sturdy, with a handle on each end. They can work as a step stool, sitting stool, standing desk platform. They can be stacked into a side table and much more. Often made out of untreated birch, they’re easy to stain, paint, or modify.

Wooden Pegboard

This wooden pegboard set is made for retail displays, but would be a great addition to home. You can use the pegs directly for hanging things, or for placing the included shelves. It can be equipped with twice the shelves and pegs for $25 more. It’s made of birch plywood.

Special Materials: Plastic-Free
Design: Modular

Quadra Modular Sofa

The Quadra collection brings true modularity to the classic sectional sofa. Mix and match individual pieces that can be quickly rearranged and secured using big rubber bands on the bottom. It’s super sturdy and spacious, with available corners, chaise lounges, and ottomans.

Design: Modular

Floyd Shelf

The Floyd Shelf is a simple system of interlocking shelves available with different heights and configurations. In case you need to expand its size down the road, you can purchase add-on modules that won’t just look like you set another shelf next to it. It has a wardrobe combination with a coat rack. It’s made mostly of powder-coated steel and Birch plywood.

Design: Modular

Floyd 16" Table Legs

This handy kit from Floyd allows you to turn any surface into a coffee table. Have an random plank of wood, barn door, or marble slab? These legs will clamp onto it, instantly upcycling it into a sturdy accent table. They’re made of solid steel and can support up to 75 lbs.

Design: Modular

BESTA Modular Furniture

The BESTÅ collection is under appreciated for its modularity. It’s a line of storage furniture that’s made to be super interchangeable and customizable. The frames, shelves, doors, and more can be mix and matched to your liking and budget. While not ideal build quality, it is mostly made from recycled materials.

Special Materials: Recycled Materials
Design: Modular

Artifox Desk 02

The Artifox desk is a high-quality, beautiful desk for modern workers, with an array of modules and features to bring balance to the clutter. It has integrated hooks for hanging bags or headphones on the legs. It has a cord-control rack with straps. It has an available stand for propping up a laptop or monitor, and more.

Design: Modular